Resetting and Versioning of Labs

Labs in TenMarks Math are guided-discovery learning activities that provide a great way for teachers to explore mathematics with their students. The rich interactive tools allow students to build conceptual understanding of new math topics through exploration. Labs help students to form hypotheses, answer questions, and shape their thinking for math discussions. 



When would a teacher use the Reset feature?

Teachers should reset the Lab for a student, group of students, or the class when teachers would like students to be able to start the Lab over from the beginning and submit all answers again.


What happens to the data from the Lab before the teacher resets it?

Teachers can only view the latest answers for students. If teachers want to review the earlier data, teachers should do so before resetting the Lab. We recommend resetting the Lab if some students have started the Lab, and now teachers would like to use the Lab with the entire class or if teachers would like one student or a group of students to do the Lab again to reinforce learning.


Why are there new versions of Labs?

Periodically we will release new versions of Labs that incorporate teacher and student feedback and that will provide the best experience for your students.


Should teachers use the new version of a Lab?

We recommend using the newest version of a Lab with your students as it will provide a better instructional experience.


What will happen when teachers use the new version of a Lab?

Using the new version will reset the Lab for the class, which allows students to submit all their answers again. Teachers will only be able to view students’ latest answers.

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