How to Use Labs

Where can Labs be found?

After navigating to the assignments resources of TenMarks, Labs can be found under the “Work” tab.


Can teachers preview the Labs before their students work on them?

From the Labs list, teachers select “Preview” and can go through the entire Lab. Teachers should spend some time exploring a Lab before introducing it and using it with their class.


Are supplemental Labs resources available for teachers?

Each Lab has a corresponding Teacher Guide that helps teachers understand the context of the Lab, what each Page of the Lab is asking students to do, and what discussion questions can be used with the Labs.


Can teachers limit the Labs that students can work on?

Labs are not assignable like assignments or assessments. Labs function more similarly to Jam Sessions: They either appear or don’t appear based on what the teacher makes available to students from the teacher’s list of Labs.

From the Labs page, teachers can select the “Enabled” toggle to move the Lab to a “Disabled” state. Students will not see Labs that are in a “Disabled” state.


Do students earn coins for using Labs?

No. TenMarket points are not earned for Labs use.


Can students work together on these?

Some Labs work well with student teams while others benefit from individual work. Some Labs will direct students to discuss an issue with a partner, and many of the Teacher Guides for the Labs will have suggestions for team or group work where appropriate.


How are Labs “scored”?

Labs are not scored. Students will not see whether they got an answer correct or incorrect because Labs are meant to guide students to explore and make hypotheses that challenge or support their initial thinking.


Will Lab data be incorporated into teacher/admin reports? student report cards? parent accounts?

Lab usage data will be incorporated into the teacher and admin usage reports. The data will not be incorporated into the student or parent reports for now.


Can students access their answers to their Labs?

No. The focus of the Labs experience is the journey of discovery—understanding that what students may not have known at the beginning of the Lab regarding the concept, they can and will understand more deeply by the end. The completion of the Lab itself is what is important rather than reviewing answers afterwards.


Can teachers review students’ answers to the Labs?

Yes. Teachers can view students’ answers by question or by student.


Is there a work space for students to document their thinking and reasoning within the Labs?

Open response questions in some Labs encourage students to articulate their explanations. However, a scratch-pad feature or free response area is not available.

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