What are Labs?

Labs in TenMarks Math are guided-discovery learning activities that provide a great way for teachers to explore mathematics with their students. The rich interactive tools allow students to build conceptual understanding of new math topics through exploration. Labs help students to form hypotheses, answer questions, and shape their thinking for math discussions.


What is the model implementation for Labs?

We recommend using Labs with your whole class as a way of introducing a concept to which students have not yet been exposed.


Which types of accounts have access to Labs?

Labs are available for an initial trial period for Premium users through December 31, 2016 together with other assignment resources. Free users can access Labs with their Premium Trial.


Which grades/curricula have Labs?

Premium classrooms in Grades 1 through Algebra/Geometry (and Integrated Math 1 & 2) associated with VA, TX, and CCSS will all have access to Labs. Labs are not curricula specific like our tracks.

Note: Algebra 2 and Integrated Math 3 are currently not supported for Labs use.


Are Labs available in Spanish?

No. At this time, this content is only available in English.

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