Managing TenMarks Classes Created by Spreadsheet

Please see below for important notes about managing TenMarks classes that were created via an onboarding spreadsheet upload.

  • Now that your classes are created, it is Administrators' responsibility to update class rosters if students move from one class to another. This can be done from the TenMarks Administrator Account.
    • Please see the resources here, which demonstrate how to move students
  • If you need to create additional students who were NOT included in the onboarding spreadsheet that you provided for batch upload, you may follow one of the options below:
    • If <25 students, please have teachers use the "Add Student" function from their teacher accounts.

Note: We will not be able to maintain data year over year for students who are added manually. We recommend considering an integration with Clever for students to be added to your rosters automatically and for their accounts to be maintained each school year.

    • If >25 students, please complete the blank Onboarding Spreadsheet again, and send it directly to Please note that these are additional students, and include a date by which you would like the students created. We will do our best to meet your timeline.
  • Teachers can change student usernames and passwords, using the edit function on Class Rosters. Click here for instructions.
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