Managing TenMarks Classes With Clever SIS Sync

Please see below for important notes about managing TenMarks classes that were created via a Clever sync from your Student Information System (SIS).

  • Clever syncs and updates student rosters nightly from your SIS
  • If a new teacher or section is added to Clever, please email to be sure that the new teacher or section is synced. All roster updates will occur automatically thereafter.
  • If there are changes to existing class section rosters or brand new students, as long as those changes are reflected in your SIS, they will be shared with Clever, and then reflected in TenMarks.
    • If you do NOT see the change when you browse your data in Clever, please check your SIS to make sure it's updated.
    • If you see the change in your SIS but not in Clever, please contact Clever Support for help.
    • If you see the change in your SIS and in Clever but NOT in TenMarks, please email for help.
  • Teachers should NOT manually add/delete students from their classes. See above for the correct process.
  • Teachers can change student usernames and passwords using the edit function on Class Rosters. Click here for instructions.
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