What Account Types are Available in TenMarks Math?

Please refer to the overview below for the different account types available in TenMarks Math.


Teacher: This includes access to both TenMarks Math and TenMarks Math Teach--click here for an overview of platform features.

  • The login username is the email used to create the account. 
  • Login with Google is also supported.

Student: These accounts are managed by their TenMarks Math classroom teacher.

  • Default username/password credentials are generated but can be customized by the teacher.
  • Using the “Forgot Password” tool will send a message to linked teacher and parent accounts:

Classroom Parent: This account is linked to students via a Parent Code--click here for additional signup details.

  • This is a view-only account--unlike Teacher-account access, parents cannot create assignments
  • Accessible information includes:
    • Linked student student log in information. 
    • Student Report Card
    • Student Performance Report
    • Preview of your student’s upcoming Assignments 

Principal/Administrator: These are limited to classrooms with the Premium-version of TenMarks Math.



*A unique email is needed for Teacher/Parent/Principal/Administrator accounts.

*Multiple accounts or account types cannot be “merged”.


If you have additional questions about your TenMarks Math account, please email

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