What is Class Archival?

What Is Class Archival?


In preparation for new product updates each fall, TenMarks Math archives your classes as we end one school year and get ready to start a new one. 


When classes are archived, class data will be converted into a read-only format that will be accessible from your Account Settings. Only the classes from the previous school year will be available from your Account Settings, and only the data captured in Student Report Cards will be retained.


Also after archival, additional information accessed via online reports within a Teacher Account will no longer be available—this may include Class Assignment/Assessment performance details, Usage and Jam Session activity, as well as assignment playlists. Be sure to use the “Export Report” feature if you want to download corresponding data before archival occurs or at the end of your school year.


You can view your archived class information by navigating to your Account Settings:

(1) Select "Settings" from the profile icon in the upper right corner of your homepage.

(2) Click "Archived Classes" from the menu on the left.

From here, you can download your assignment and assessment summaries as well as student report cards.


When Will Classes be Archived?

If your school/district is using the Premium version of TenMarks Math, please have your school/district administrator reach out to your account manager or to confirm your archival details.  


Archival of all 2016-2017 Free-version and Self-Upgraded Premium (purchased on classrooms is scheduled for July 13, 2017.

To avoid having to re-create fall 2017 classrooms/rosters, it is best to wait until after July 14th to enter your new students, classes and assignments.


If you plan on using TenMarks Math throughout the summer, you will need to re-create your rosters and assignments after July 14th, as these will be associated with the 2017-18 school year. 


If you wish to maintain the previous 2016-17 school year or early “summer" rosters into 2017-18, you can create a new class and "move" existing users from the archived version--please refer to the resource here. This will allow your students to continue using pre-existing usernames/passwords. Previous progress will not be accessible in the new class and open assignments will need to be re-assigned.



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