Resources to Drive Student Engagement

Incentives are a great way to drive student engagement with TenMarks. Higher levels of student engagement with TenMarks can help increase students’ excitement for math, boost their math skills and confidence, and prepare them for end of year testing. Below are some ideas for how schools have used incentive programs to increase usage and engagement with TenMarks Math.


“My Favorite Mistake” is an activity teachers can pair with TenMarks Assignments to help students learn from their errors. Students follow steps to document mistakes and digest where they went wrong, how they can fix their mistake, and what they have learned.


"Success Challenge": Drive student engagement in your classroom by setting a class goal about TenMarks Assignment completion with this template. Decide as a group on an enticing reward, and then let your students get to work! Every time someone completes an Assignment on TenMarks at 80% or higher on his/ her first attempt, he/ she can fill in one of the squares in this chart. You will be amazed at how much this simple resource GREATLY motivates students!  



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