How to Sign Up for a Parent Account in a Teacher–Led Class

How to Sign Up for a Parent Account in a Teacher–Led Class

Thank you for your interest in TenMarks. Some schools and/or teachers may choose to continue using their school year version of TenMarks during summer school. This may be implemented with the parent-led Summer Program or in place of it.

If your child's school year has already started for the Fall, and you have been provided a Parent Letter, you are also ready to set up your new Classroom Parent account.

1. Go to

2. Create a Parent account by selecting Sign Up in the upper right corner and choose "Parent".

3. Enter your parent information on the first page of the registration form and be sure have your Parent Code available.


If you already have a Parent Account (from last summer or a previous school year)...

1. Log into your account at

2. Select the My Account settings in the upper right corner of your parent homepage.

3. Select "Link Existing Student" from the options in the left-side menu.

Entry of a Parent Code will be required, and this needs to be provided by your child’s teacher.

  • This code is unique to the child.



  • Your email address will serve as your Parent username. Student/Child username and password details are managed by their classroom teacher.


Thank you for choosing TenMarks!

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