How to Enable Log in with Google

Some of our users currently use Gmail or Google Apps for Education. If this is part of your daily routine, you can configure your existing TenMarks Account to “Log in with Google.” This will help get you get into TenMarks Math faster without having to enter your username/password credentials.

Once enabled, clicking "Log in with Google" will take you directly to your account each time.

Note: This feature is not supported for student access.

Also, this is not recommended if you share your computer with other TenMarks users.

1) Change your existing TenMarks Parent Account email to your Google email. (You can proceed to the next step if this has already been confirmed.)

  • To update your current settings to a Google email, log into TenMarks (as a Parent) with your email/password credentials and navigate to My Account: Settings in the upper right corner of your homepage.


  • In the “Username/Email” field, change your existing email to your Google Email, and then click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Once saved, log out of your TenMarks account. 

2) Go back to the TenMarks login page


3) Click the "Log in with Google" Button


4) Click the corresponding Google email account from the detected options available and “Accept” the Google agreement terms.


5) On successful setup, you will be directed straight to into your account homepage.

6) If the Google email address you selected does not match the one you identified in the Settings page earlier, you will be prompted to create a NEW TenMarks account, which is NOT what you are trying to do. 

If this happens, you’ll see a screen that allows you to create a new account, and will give you an option to “Log in to my existing account instead” – choose this option to exit the process.

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