How to Use the Toolbar

Ah yes, our favorite: fill-in-the-blank problems! Does your answer include an exponent? How about a square root sign, or a fraction? You might even need to enter a combination (). The handy toolbar can help you enter these and other tricky symbols!


Tip: Not sure if your answer should be in decimal form or fractions? Always check out the blue ribbon below each fill-in-the-blank. It shows you how your answer should be formatted!

1. Toolbar:  If the answer requires special math characters, a Toolbar icon will appear and selecting it will open a Toolbar window. To use any of the characters, simply click on one. This will ensure that answers with characters are entered correctly.
2. Response Placeholder: For the characters that allow a number within the character itself, such as a fraction bar or exponent, simply type a number into one of the spaces and then click the area of the other space to type another number.
3. If the Toolbar placement is blocking your view, you can select the gripper icon in the corner and reposition it on the screen.

Note: Press the backspace button on your keyboard to remove a number or character from the answer box if a mistake is made.

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