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Maybe you gave a pretest and realized your class is ready for a topic from a higher grade level, or you realized a refresher lesson on a topic from a past year is needed! You can always modify curriculum to meet the varying needs of different students in your class. Tailor content in your Curriculum tab in order to create assignments using content from other grade levels.

Log into your teacher account at

Select your class from the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner of the page to specify which Curriculum you would like to view.


In TenMarks, you can add content from any grade level to your Curriculum using the Add Content button. After clicking on the + icon, a new tile (see below) will open. From this tile, you can search (a) for topics by key word or standard, assign the track directly to students (b), add the content to your Curriculum (c), or get more information about the track (d).

When you place your cursor over the track name, it will highlight the track. You can drag and drop the track into your Curriculum from here. If you do not assign the content to a section, it will automatically be placed in Miscellaneous.

Tip: If you "Add all tracks" for the grade level to populate the selection of Miscellaneous options, you can more easily drag and drop your tracks into your Units.

Note: Only 10 tracks can be added from other grade levels for Free classrooms. 


This is the title for the unit. In this instance, we have named this unit “Unit 1.” If you want to change the name of a unit, click on the title and and type in the new name for the unit. 


This progress indicator lets you know how many tracks you have assigned out of the total listed in the unit. The blue line running just beneath this gives you a visual representation of this progress.


You can find the standard associated with the track as well as the title on the track tile. The icon at the end of the track will also help you quickly identify whether you have (e) or have not (f) assigned the track to your students.


You can organize your Curriculum into different units. When you want to add a new unit, click the + icon and a blue box will appear (g). Type in the name of your new unit and hit the enter or return key on your keyboard.

When the new unit has been created, you will get a confirmation message (h) and the new section will appear. You can reorder the Units and Tracks by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer.

6. ASSIGNING CONTENT (click here for dedicated article resource)


To view more information on an assignment, including sample questions and related TenMarks content, click the eye icon. This will open a new window (See Figure 2).

Spanish/English Toggle

You can see the sample questions in English or Spanish by using the Spanish/English toggle at the top of the box (n).

Question Samples

To see a examples of the types of questions that are available for this assignment, look at the samples listed (o). Note that these are not necessarily the exact questions you will see on the assignment.

Related Content

This section (p) shows content related to the assignment.

  • VIDEOS – Shows the videos students have access to when working though the assignment. You can watch any of the videos listed.
  • AMPLIFIERS – Shows the Amplifier(s) that are available for this assignment. You can work through any of the Amplifiers listed.
  • JAM SESSION SKILLS – Shows the Jam Session skills that are related to the content.

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