Viewing Class Assignment Performance Reports

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Ah, yes, data-driven decision-making! We’ve always wanted to make choices about what to teach next by referring to class and individual student performance data, and now we can! With instant online grading, you can now not only access raw scores, you can also view graphs and charts showing strengths and flagging problem areas. (The data is already analyzed for you!) Good-bye, hours and hours of grading while watching [insert favorite TV show here] with a glass of [insert favorite evening beverage here, i.e. milk]! Hello, digital age!

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Log into your teacher account at and select the appropriate Class from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

From the Reports option from the menu at the top of the page, you can view performance in the following:

  • Assignments
  • Assessments (Premium)
  • Jam Sessions

1. Assignments

(a) By Track -- This is presented as the default report.

  • Only Class assignments are indicated
  • Premium: Personal Work completed by students is not indicated here
  • Presented performance data is filtered by Due Date

(b) By Standard

  • Premium: Student performance is aggregated from Class Assignments and Personal Work
  • Presented performance data is filtered by Completed Date


(c) Select Show Scores to identify colors or numbers to be presented in the corresponding matrix/chart for students' assignments:

  • High (100% - 80%) Green 
  • Mid (79.9% - 60%) Yellow 
  • Low (59.9% - 0%) Red

(d) Specify Domain(s) to be included

Note for Premium Users: The Assignments by Track Report is limited to manually created assignments. Personal playlist assignments will not be reflected. Please refer to the Assignment by Standards report to see reports specific to or including Playlist work.

(e) Identify Work types of assignments:
•    All Work
•    Class
•    Personal

2. Jam Sessions

(f) Performance data can be filtered to reflect the following:

  • All Skills or selected ones from the grade level
  • All Students or individual selections
  • Specific date intervals or Date Range

(g) Bar Graph scores can be presented by

  • Questions Completed
  • Percentage Score
  • Activity
  • Class Performance (only available when All Students is selected)

(h) Skill Details reflect the following:

  • Time Spent
  • Score
  • Percentage


3. Assessments (Premium Classrooms)

(i) Assessment Type:

  • Grade Level
  • Standards Level

(j) Reports can aggregate data by All Students or individual students by name.

(k) Scores for each attempt are shown in the bar graph

(l) Score details are presented by Domain

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