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How is Marissa progressing in class? How is Malik doing? Whether you are checking on students for your own knowledge, or having 1:1 meetings with each student, benchmarking progress is a great way to set individual goals and ensure growth for every student. Remember when it took hours to compile this data? Now, it’s just a click away!

Tip: Some teachers have students use TenMarks Journals alongside their online practice. This journal is a great place for older students to periodically consult their own report cards, identify a few areas of strengths and weaknesses, and make a goal for growth. To make sure goals are met, have students create a workout plan and a deadline.  This exercise exposes students to real-world skills, and it also provides a natural centerpiece for Parent-Teacher conferences!

1. Log into your teacher account at

2. Click the Class Roster tab from the blue menu at the top of the page.

3.Select the class from the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner of the page to specify which class performance you’d like to review.

4. Select the Report Card icon to the right of the student who you wish to review.

5. Select Assignments for the corresponding Date Range to be displayed.

6. The Class Average graph only shows Class Assignments

Note: For Premium Classrooms, Personal Work is not reflected in this class comparison.

7. Performance details in the report card are organized by Standard (Both Class Assignments and Personal Work are reflected)

Note: Click on the Print Report button to download a PDF or print a copy of the corresponding report.

8. Summary information includes the following:
•    Total Questions
•    Percentage
•    Hints
•    Videos

9. Track details include the following:
•    Questions
•    Latest Score
•    Hints
•    Videos
•    Date Completed


For Premium Classrooms...

10. Select Assessments to see domain-specific scores.

11. Each Score for a particular assessment by date will be indicated.

12. Click on the Print Report button to download a PDF or print a copy of the corresponding report.

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