Rosters & Parent Letters

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You have just set up a TenMarks class, and now you need to distribute and record student usernames and passwords, or just in case someone forgets their login credentials! Here is how to download a class roster and individual parent letters.

Tip: Parent letters are available in English and Spanish! Even for families that may not have Internet access at home, sending the letter home is a great way to let the community know what TenMarks is and how they can be involved!

1. Log into your teacher account at

2. Select your class from the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner of the page to specify which Class Roster details you would like to download.

3. Click Download Roster for a PDF copy of the class information.

4. Click Download Parent Letters for a PDF for the corresponding students. You will be prompted to choose from the following language options:

  • English Only
  • Spanish Only
  • Both English and Spanish




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