Deleting or Adding a Class

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Has your class schedule changed since you initially created classes? Do you want to delete or add a class? You can! But first, please pay special attention to the important details below.

For Premium Teachers...

If your district school has chosen to synchronize class roster information via SIS-integration with Clever, the features highlighted may not all be enabled.

To Delete A Class

NOTE: Deleting a class will permanently delete all of the students’ data in the class!

Tip #1: Make sure any student account you want to keep has been moved to a new class first!

Tip #2: For Premium Class Enrollments, to move a student to a different teacher’s class, please contact an administrator who may have a TenMarks Principal or District Administrator account. Teachers can only move students between their own classes.

1. Log into your teacher account at

2. Click Profile icon in the upper, right corner and select Settings.

3. Click TenMarks Math "Assignments" from the menu on the left.

4. Select the Class Name from the drop-down menu under Basic Class Info.

5. Click Delete Class on the right.

6. Enter “DELETE” and your password in the appropriate boxes.
7. Click the Delete Class button to confirm the deletion of the class. All data and students from this class will be permanently removed.


To Add A Class
NOTE: When you create a new class, it will include only TenMarks Free features by default. If your school or district has purchased TenMarks Premium, please contact an administrator at your school for upgrades and be sure they email their account manager or for assistance.

Log into your teacher account at (Select TenMarks Math Assignments if prompted).

1. SELECT CLASS LEVEL - Select the grade level for your new class (see Figure 1).

2. CLASS NAME - Enter the name for the class. Click Next.

3. STUDENT NAME(S) - If you are creating a class for students who have not used TenMarks before, enter in their names here icon (see Figure 2). You can preview the roster by clicking Preview of Roster.


If you want to add students who are already using TenMarks, click Add Existing TenMarks Students. This will open up a new box (see image below).

From here, you can either move a student to this new class or you can enroll the student in your new class so that he/she remains in both. To add an existing student, you will need the student’s username and password.

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