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Did a new student show up in your class today? Maybe a student transferred out of your school, and you need to delete his/her name from your TenMarks class roster. We’ve got you covered!

For Premium Teachers...

If your district school has chosen to synchronize class roster information via SIS-integration with Clever, the features highlighted may not all be enabled.

NOTE: Please remember, deleting a student will permanently remove their performance data!

Tip #1: After you add a student, don’t forget to check your class roster for a new student’s username and password! He or she will need login credentials to access his or her TenMarks account. You can also edit the student’s username and password!

Tip #2: If a student in a Premium class has Independent Work in progress and is simply moving to a different class, it is a better idea to move the student rather than deleting their account entirely. That way, the student’s playlist can remain intact and they can continue making progress.

Tip #3: For Premium Class Enrollments, Teachers can move students between their own classes. To move a student to a different teacher’s class, please contact an administrator who may have a TenMarks Principal or District Administrator account.

Log into your teacher account at

Select your class from the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner of the page to specify which Class Roster you would like to view.


You can add a student to your class by clicking the + icon (see Figure 1), which will open a new window. In TenMarks, you have two options when adding a student: you can add a brand-new student to your class or you can add a student who is already using TenMarks.

Adding a New Student (see Figure 2)

  • If you want to add a new student to your class, type the student’s name in the box (a). You can add multiple students at one time by adding commas in between student names.
  • When adding these students to your class you have the option to automatically add these new students to any open assessments your class may be working on by clicking on the box Add new student to any open assessments (b).
  • To add the student(s) to the roster, make sure to click Add New Student (c).

Adding an Existing Student

If you would like to add a student who is already using TenMarks to your class, click the second option, Add an existing student, instead (d). This will open the second half of the screen.

  • You will be asked to enter in the student’s current TenMarks username and password or the student’s TenMarks Summer Code.
  • You will have the option of automatically adding this new student to any open assessments your class may be working on. To do this, click the box next to Add new student to any open assessments.
  • Click Add Existing Student to add this existing student to your class.

Note that after you have added an existing student to your class, when he or she logs in to TenMarks, the student will see the name of your class as well as the one he or she is already enrolled in.


You can move students among the different classes you have in TenMarks by clicking the Move Student icon. To move the student:

  • Select the class the student is currently enrolled in, then select the student(s) you want to move.
  • Click Add Student(s).
  • Choose a class to move the student(s) to.
  • Click Move Student(s).

Note that when you move students to a different classroom you will be able to move their Individual Work with them but not their data.


  • Click the pencil icon to the right of student you’d like to remove from your roster.
  • Click the trash icon to remove the student from the class.

Note: If the student does not have any active enrollments in another class, the student account and any associated data will be permanently deleted.

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