Viewing and Editing Recommendations from Assessments

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So now you’ve accepted recommendations, and students are beginning to build up strength with personalized assignments. Fantastic! You may now be wondering about how ‘Personal Work’ functions. What is assigned first? Can the Personal Work be modified, and if so, how? Dear teacher, you are in the right place to find out!

Tip #1: Personal Work come from assessment scores and curriculum mapping, so they are customized to each student, based on demonstrated needs. That said, you know your students better than anyone! You can always add, delete, and move content around to fine-tune personalized curriculum down to the last detail.

Tip #2:  It’s also a great idea to move content around so a student’s personal assignments support the topics you are currently covering in class!

Tip #3: Out of time? Customize Personal Work for a handful of students you know should be spending more time on individualized assignments than on whole-class assignments. Usually, these will be your students who need more enrichment or remediation.

Once you’ve accepted all of these recommendations, you can go to your Individual Work tab to look at all the assignments again. Here, you will see all the tracks that you accepted.

Log into your teacher account at and select the appropriate Class from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Select Work then Individual Work from the menu options.


You can view the class and personal assignments that each student in your classroom is working on from the Individual Work page. Click on the arrow and a list of the students in your classroom will appear. You can select individual students from the drop-down menu.



Currently Assigned Work is where you will find the assignment(s) from you (the teacher) that are currently in your student’s carousel. The work that appears here is always assigned by a teacher.

You can see the standard and name of the assignment the student is working on, as well as the class, due date, and status.

To delete an assignment from the student’s carousel, simply hover over the assignment and a trash bin will appear at the far right side of the tile (see image below).


The lower portion of the page gives you insight into the student’s upcoming personal work. These personal assignments are generated based on how a student performed on previous assignments and assessments. When a teacher Accepts Personal Recommendations for his or her students, this is where those recommended assignments show up. Each tile includes the standard and assignment name, and also gives you the opportunity to assign this track directly to a student using the paper and pencil icon. Finally, the image at the far right of the tile tells you whether this track is a Review, Practice, or Challenge level (see image below).


You can add additional tracks to your student’s Personal Work by clicking the + icon. This will open up a search menu (see Figure 2). From here, you can search (a) for a particular standard or concept using key words. Once you find the track(s) you want to assign you can add them to the student’s work in two ways. First, you can click the add to upcoming personal work icon (b) or you can drag and drop the track into the student’s queue (c).

To delete tracks from a student’s Personal Work, click the box next to the track you want to remove. This will cause a new menu bar to appear (see image below). You can adjust the position of the track, delete it, or assign other tracks from this menu.

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