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The results are in! Time to see how our students scored! Students’ results display individuals’ average scores as well as their averages for each domain or standard assessed.  Remember, now is also a good time to accept playlist recommendations!

Tip: Do you see any concept where a student or class scored particularly low? It may be a good idea to mark this standard in your records and retest it after students have had a chance to work on personalized assignments.

Log into your teacher account at and select the appropriate Class from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Select Work then Assessments from the menu options.


Every assessment that you create in TenMarks will have an assessment tile that contains high-level information about the assessment, including the assessment name, due date, and number of students who have completed the assessment (see Figure 1).

When you hover over an assessment tile (see Figure 2) a pop out box (a) will appear that allows you to perform various actions:



There are two types of assessments in TenMarks: Grade Level and Standard Level.

Grade Level Assessments are designed to cover an entire grade level’s worth of material. These tests vary in length and incorporate questions that assess the power standards in each grade level domain.

Standard Level Assessments allow you to choose specific standards that you want to assess your students on. TenMarks automatically generates six questions for every standard selected. For example, if you select two standards, that will generate a 12-question test.



After a student has completed an assessment, TenMarks uses the student’s data to generate a personalized list of assignments based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

You can quickly assign all students their individualized work by clicking the View Recommendations button. When you do this, a new screen will appear (see below) and you can see the different Challenge, Practice, and Review material TenMarks recommends for your students. To accept the recommendations for all students, click Add To Personal Work or Replace Personal Work.



To get an in-depth look at how students performed on an assessment, click View Details. This will take you to the Assessment Details Page (see Figure 3).  

The top of the Assessment Details Page provides high-level information including the assessment name, type, due date, and number of questions.

View and Edit Assignment Details

The top bar (b) will tell you details about your assessment, including the status of the assessment, due date, and how many questions were.

Clicking the Edit icon (c) will allow you to edit the name, start date, and due date for the assessment, reassign the assessment, view student recommendations, or delete the assessment.

Highest/Lowest Performers

TenMarks gives you quick information on who the highest and lowest performers in your class are. All of the student scores are hyperlinked (d), so clicking on the score will take you to the student’s score sheet.

Summary Information

The boxes near the top of the screen give summary information (e) on how students performed on the assessment, including:

  • FINISHED – Number of students who have completed the assessment.
  • AVERAGE SCORE – Average score students received on the assessment.
  • AVERAGE TIME SPENT – Average time students spent completing the assessment.
  • MOST COMMON MISTAKES (see below) – The questions that students most frequently missed. You can click on the hyperlinked question to see the actual details.




You can view class (f) and personalized (g) student recommendations from this page.


Assessment Details

You can quickly reassign or delete the assessment for specific students by using the Actions (h) button. When you click on the Actions button, a drop-down menu will appear. You can check the boxes next to the names of individual students and then delete or reassign the assignment to all or some of your students.

The bottom portion of the Assessment Details Page gives you a score breakdown for every student in your class who completed the assessment. Aside from the average score and time spent, it also tells you how well the students scored on each standard (i) or domain (depending on the type of test that was administered). If a Standard Level Assessment was given, the scores will be broken down by standard (as indicated in this example). If a Grade Level Assessment was given, then the scores will be broken down by domain.

To view all of the questions from the assessment, click View All Assessment Questions (j). This will take you to a new screen (see below) that displays all of the questions from the assessment.



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