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Maybe you want to issue a quick, 6-question “Check for Understanding”. Maybe it’s time for a weekly quiz, or a unit test. Or, perhaps you are using a grade level assessment to start off the year with some initial data. Whichever the case, use standard-level or grade-level assessments to retrieve the data you are looking for!

Tip: Keep two questions in mind when creating an assessment: 1) Which content do you want to assess? And 2) Which playlist do you want to generate? Remember that when a student completes an assessment, a playlist (a list of personalized assignments) will be recommended. Because of this connection between assessments and playlists, you can also use an assessment to start an intervention!


Log into your teacher account at and select the appropriate Class from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Select Work then Assessments from the menu options.

To create a new assessment in TenMarks click on the + sign, which will open a new screen (see Figure 4). To create a new assessment follow the steps below.


Step 1: Select Students

You can create the assessments for the entire class or for a group of students within a class (k).

  • Assign to all students – Selecting this option will create an assessment for the entire class.
  • Let me choose the students – Selecting this option will open a new box (see below) with a list of student names from your class. Check the boxes next to the names of students whom you want to take the assessment.
  • Multiple Classes – To create an assessment for multiple classes, check the box next to Multiple Classes. Next, select the classes you want to create the assessment for.


Note: Assessments are not automatically assigned to new students added to your class roster after this has been assigned. (See Assessment Details for assigning to additional students.)

Step 2: Select Assessment Grade Level and Type of Assessment

  • Select the grade level (l) for the content you want to assess your students on. This grade level will affect the standards covered in both Grade Level and Standard Level assessments.
  • Select the type of assessment (m) you want to create. There are two choices: Grade Level and Standard Level.
  • Grade Level – Selecting this option will assess all the power standards for a grade level.
  • Standard Level – Selecting this option will open a standards selection box (s). From here, you can choose one or more standards to assess students on. For each standard you select six questions will be generated; so if you select three standards, students will receive 18 questions.

Step 3: Enter Assessment Start and End Date and Time

  • Select a date and time for the assessment to start (m). Note: The assessment will not appear in the students’ carousel until this exact date and time.
  • Enter an end date and time (n). The assessment will disappear from the students' accounts at this time even if they have not finished. Note: All due dates are enforced as hard due dates in assessments.


Step 4: Create an Assessment Name, Assign, and Preview Assessment

  • Enter a name for the assessment (p).
  • You can preview the questions on the assignment by clicking Preview Assignment (r). This will take you to a new screen where you can see the questions students will receive. (Note that each student will see the questions in a different order.) From this screen, you can assign the assessment by clicking Create in the upper right hand corner.

When you are ready to assign the assessment, click Assign (q). You will receive a Success! message (see image below).

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