Lesson Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum page allows you to see at a glance the status of the Lessons that you have interacted with. It allows you to organize and categorize your Lessons, and gives you a snapshot of your progress in the grade level.



1. Curriculum Selector – In Teacher Resources, you can select for multiple grade levels. If you want to see Lessons from a grade level that you signed up for, simply click the Curriculum Selector and a drop down menu will appear. Click on the grade you want to see and it will automatically take you to that curriculum page.



2. To Do vs. Completed: Offers two ways to look at your Curriculum. To Do shows you what Lessons you still have to review and Completed shows you the Lessons you have already finished. Click on either To Do or Completed to view the corresponding list.

If you have not finished any lessons, there will not be any Lessons listed in the Completed list. 


3. Manage Button – Allows you to quickly adjust your Completed and To Do Lessons. If you click Manage, a drop down menu will appear.


This menu allows you to perform the following actions:

Mark All Completed as To Do – Moves all Lessons from Completed to To Do.

Mark All To Do Lessons as Completed - Moves all Lessons in To Do to Completed.

Clear Curriculum (Upgraded Version Only) - Removes all Lessons (both To Do and Completed).

Clear To Do List (Upgraded Version Only)  - Removes all Lessons in To Do.

Clear Completed Lessons (Upgraded Version Only) - Removes all Lessons in Completed.


4. To Do Button (Upgraded Version Only) – Allows you to easily add Lessons to your Curriculum selections. When you click on the plus sign, you will immediately be taken to the Explore section. Here, you can browse through Lessons by grade level.




5. Lesson Information – Provides a brief description of the content to be covered in the Lesson. It also gives you information on standard references, user ratings, and the ability to add the Lesson to My Faves. Upgraded-version users can also add Lessons to their My Curriculum selections. 


a. Begin Lesson – Click on the Begin Lesson button and you will be taken into the Lesson content.

b. Ratings – Displays the rating that other users have given the Lesson.

c. Standard in this Lesson – Identifies the standard covered in the Lesson.

d. Prerequisite(s) Standards – Identifies the prerequisite standard(s) students should be proficient in to be most successful during the Lesson.

e. Add/Remove from Curriculum (Upgraded Version Only) – Allows you to add Lessons to, or remove them from, from your Curriculum page.

f. My Faves Button – Allows you to add Lessons to, or remove them from, your My Faves page.


6. Class Progress Bar – Gives you a visual indication of how many Lessons per Domain you have completed. If you have not started any Lessons from a corresponding Domain, the circle remains greyed out.



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