After I have explored the Lesson, how do I present it to my students?

When you click Begin Lesson, the program automatically brings you to what we call “Prep” mode. Prep is designed to give you a chance to explore a standard presented in a Lesson before delivering it to students. Prep allows you to view all sections of the Lesson (including Assess Readiness, Misconceptions, Warm Up, Focus, Extend, and Finish), as well as all the questions and answers in each part of the Lesson.




When you are ready to deliver the Lesson to your students, you can click the button in the upper right-hand corner and switch to “Presentation” mode. After clicking the button, the screen widens and only the sections that you might use while delivering the Lesson to your class will be visible (Assess Readiness, Warm Up, Focus, and Finish). In Presentation, you can hide the questions/answers in the side bar OR allow them to populate one at a time.

Some teachers may opt to use the Print function, which creates a hardcopy of notes from the corresponding pages for use during instruction.

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